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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> mike: it ends with chelsea dagger and a celebration. 15 out of 15 for these guys. they had gotten at least a point. points 26 and 27, way ahead of everybody else. coming up next on nbc, except on the west coast, your local news. "hockey day in america" presented by discover card continues right now on the nbc sports network. alex ovechkin and the caps, and the rangers. so long from chicago.
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news4 at 6:00 starts now. right now at 6:00, firefighters rescue a 4-year-old girl from a burning home in southeast. tonight, she is in critical condition. as investigators try to figure out what started that fire. plus, controlled chaos in college park. how police stayed a step ahead of rowdy fans after maryland's big win over duke. and thousands marched from the national mall to the white house, a call to action tonight
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on climate change. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. we begin with a 4-year-old child in critical condition tonight after being rescued from a house fire. that fire broke out in the 2600 block of 33rd street in southeast this morning, and adding to the chaos, a man was arrested at the scene. news4's derrick ward explains the charges he's facing. >> reporter: two adults and two children were in the wood frame house at the time of the fire. one of the children, a 4-year-old girl, had to be rescued from an jaup stairs bodily harm. >> with cp r in progress, transported to the hospital. >> reporter: authorities said that child arrived at the hospital in critical condition. police say one person was arrested at the scene. an adult male. initially charges included simple assault and making threats. police say those charges stem from an argument wlt another adult in the house during the fire. others were treated for exposure to smoke. investigators collected evidence while others combed through the
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burned out remains. >> fire started in the basement. those fires are always critical. extended to the second floor. >> reporter: often houses of this type were built under a different era of fire codes with no fire stops. that means fires can spread more quickly. investigators were will trying to determine if there were working smoke detectors in the home. >> we're conducting a smoke detector inspection. >> reporter: hours after the fire firefighters fanned out throughout the neighborhood to check on other homes to see that they had working smoke detectors. they replaced dead batteries and gave smoke detectors to those who needed them as a quest for the cause of this fire continued so did the efforts the prevention. like urging residents to come up with an escape plan and a place to meet outside the home so all can be accounted for in case of a fire. >> we haven't really done that yet so i will make it a point to put that in our plans. >> reporter: this is standard procedure after a fire in a d.c. neighborhood and firefighters would much rather be making a call to a home like this than like they did earlier this
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morning. derek word, news4. >> neighbors say the house where the fire started was split up into apartments. that house sits just across the alley from may jor vincent gray's home. two firefighters were hurt in another fire in buoy. this from the 8500 block of shelly court. you can see that fire ripped right through the home causing about $200,000 in damage. no word yet exactly how it started. the two injured firefighters were not seriously hurt. well, we had some blue skies out there today but with a strong really cold wind. best to enjoy that from inside. here is storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. is the wind going to die down soon, chuck? >> yes, it is. fou th now that the sun is going down the winds will start to lay down as well. current temperatures all below freezing already and with what's left of a strong northwest wind, windchills remain in the teens which is pretty much where they've been all day long. the last of the snow showers is
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now starting to fade away. we won't need to worry about that in your sunday evening planner. flurries ending in the next hour or two. staying windy to breezy and cold. temperatures mid to upper 20s now. low to mid-20s by 11:00. your monday forecast coming right up. >> see you then, chuck. police are looking for the people responsible for a deadly attack on a student at the university of maryland eastern shore. witnesses are telling police 21-year-old edmond st. clair, his girlfriend and brother were driving through campus when they encountered three or four people walking in the street. st. clair was stabbed after a fight. a campus alert went out to students but police do not believe this was a random assault. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run accident in northeast. it happened along m street near north capital street around 10:30. police say a person fell into the crosswalk and was hit by a car. police haven't released the victim's name and they don't have a good description of the
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car involved. college park still buzzing with excitement after the terps' big win over duke last night. while there was plenty of rowdiness after the game, it was nothing like past postgame celebrations where things often got pretty ugly. darcy spencer is in college park tonight with the change in approach by police that may have stopped things from getting out of hand. hi, darcy. >> reporter: hi, jim. there were major changes last night in how police handled the crowds and how they handled the students. one major difference is the fact that police did not deploy officers out here in riot gear. also, there was a bonfire that was ignited up here on campus. that was ignited by authorities themselves in part to try to dissuade students from setting fires themselves. a huge bonfire playsed on campus last night not set by students, but by university police. the fire meant to draw students to stay on campus to safely
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celebrate the men's basketball team beating duke on the court. >> 99% of the kids were just out there having fun, having a good time. you have a couple troublemakers, but our department didn't make any arrests and there was no damage to the campus. so all in all, it was a great day. >> reporter: more than a decade ago some students were arrested for setting destructive fires and damaging businesses. that was after maryland lost to duke in the championships. some say last night's bonfire was a great way to let students celebrate. >> i have seen my share of riots in college park and there certainly have been riots in the past but last night was by no means a riot. >> reporter: police also changed tactics last night. they did not deploy their officers in riot gear. which in the past has led to violent clashes with students and allegations of police brutality. police used smaller numbers of officers to handle incidents as they popped up. two arrests were made for disorderly conduct. >> i think our strategy now is progressive in nature.
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we may certainly have to use our civil disturbance team on occasion, but we'll have to get there after we deplete every other possible resource to deal with the situation. >> reporter: students we spoke to say they noticed the change in tactics. >> in the past there were definitely more confrontational trying to disburse instead of let the students celebrate. >> reporter: now, police are also saying that the other change was a change in attitude. police were not as confrontational, not coming out here expecting things to go wrong. for the first time, i have been out here for a long time covering college park, we saw officers out here taking pictures with students last night. reporting live from college park, darcy spenser, news4. >> darcy, thanks. some traffic headaches around the national mall today because of a march to the white house. thousands of people calling on the president and congress to address climate change. the message for some focusing on one specific project. plus a sunday blessing from
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pope benedict at st. peter's
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios president obama's chief of staff confirms the white house has been working on its own plan for immigration reform. it was leaked yesterday and quickly drew criticism from senate republicans who are working on a bipartisan bill. today on "meet the press" whous white house chief of staff
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dennis mcdonough defended the plan but says he hopes congress can reach a deal. >> if those do not work out we'll have an option ready to put out there. >> marco rubio of florida called the white house plan dead on arrival in congress. the proposal includes an eight-year path to citizenship for the 11 million people who are already in the country illegally. a bipartisan gang of eight in the senate is expected to reveal its plan coming up in march. pope benedict delivered his second to last sunday blessing before retiring at the end of the month. he blessed a crowd of more than 100,000 from his window in st. peter's square. the pontiff asking the crowd to continue praying for him and the next pope. we're also learning more about the pope's diminishing health. a german journalist tells "the l.a. times" the last time he saw benedict his hearing had deteriorated and he also appeared to be blind in one eye. just a week after betting buried by a massive blizzard, parts of the northeast dealing with snow again today. we're going to tell you how it
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thousands spent this chilly sunday on the national mall calling for more action to help stop climate change. the event included activists from dozens of states calling
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for more spending on green energy and other energy alternatives. >> i'm from rhode island. we're seeing changes in our oceans. we're seeing far more vulnerability to big storms along our coast, and the same thing is happening not just in mytate but every state across the country and, indeed, around the planet. we've got to do something about the carbon pollution that is causing it. >> the group walked from the mall to the white house where they deplannmanded that the pret reject the pipeline project that would bring oil from canada to u.s. refineries. parts of the northeast got a dose of winter weather just a week after that blizzard dropped more than two feet of snow. this storm wasn't anywhere near as big as last weekend's blizzard but it caused plenty of problems. logan airport saw widespread delays today. in connecticut, i-95 shut down for hours after several weather-related accidents. they're getting a good dose of winter. >> two weekends in a row they have had ferocious snow and we
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have had ferocious winds around here two weekends in a row. >> and it's cold. >> luckily, the wind will lay down a bit. if you're headed outside, you need to bundle up. it's going to be cold out there. here is the way it looks. gorgeous a little bit of daylight still left out there. sun was down just before 6:00 this evening. boy, you notice as we get here towards the tail end of february, we're picking a lot of daylight up at the end of the day. every minute appreciated. 29 degrees though at national airport. winds remain out of the northwest at 21 gusting to 33 miles per hour. so really cold. windchills across the area remain in the mid teens. so bundle up for sure. actual air temperatures, 23 in hagerstown, 25 in winchester with parts of the northern side of winchester had a half inch of snow with that quick burst of snow showers that came through for much the day. monday will be a noticeably better day than today. plenty of sunshine once again be and a nice recovery.
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we'll start off with temperatures in the teens and low 20s first thing in the morning but all that sunshine and no why near as much wind tomorrow should allow temperatures into upper 30s and low 40s tomorrow and nowhere near the plum net tomorrow night we'll experience tonight. how cold will it be? by 5:30 in the morning in fairfax, virginia, 21 degrees. there will be a lot of teens on the map to the west of there. mid-30s by noontime with full sunshine and, again, highs tomorrow up around 40 degrees for you folks in fairfax and that also goes for montgomery and prince george's county as well. the last of the snowflakes beginning to fade away. there is the last of the snowflakes in boston but down east maine still has another 6 to 12 inches of snow on the way for them. for us, not a bad evening to be outside as long as you can double up and stay warm. by the time you get up tomorrow morning, less wind but still cold. teens and 20s to get you started. plenty of sunshine tomorrow but again highs only in the upper 30s and low 40s. that's about eight degrees or so
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cooler than average. the real trick in the forecast comes in on tuesday morning. by 8:30, 9:00 tuesday morning, moisture coming in. there may be just enough cold air in place to have a little iciness, especially out towards i-81. we'll be watching that closely. so by morning time, clear and cold, 15 to 22. then tomorrow afternoon plenty of sunshine but staying on the chilly side. here is the seven-day forecast, everybody. a nice day tomorrow. if you have the day off, it will be a pleasant day to get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. your seven-day forecast calls for a chance of iciness tuesday morning. i don't think there's a huge threat in the immediate metro area, but this needs to be watched real close. this is going to be a close call for tuesday morning early. by tuesday afternoon with temperatures near 50, whatever may start as little ice will end as rain. >> a.m. ice. >> i can't get all the words on that little graph. >> thanks, chuck. coming up in sports, the nats,
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this will take the chill out
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of anything you are feeling. >> it's nice to see the gang back together. the favorite team to win the 2013 world series hit the field today. the washington nationals holding their first full squad workouts down in florida. it's one thing to have the to talent on paper. now they have to prove they can get it done on the field. dan hellie has more. >> reporter: the first full squad workout felt more like winter than spring. 34 degrees when you factor in the windchill out here today, but still everybody smiling, just glad to have the full squad owl out there on the practice field. the big bopper group included bryce participator, jayson werth, and adam laroche. laroche for a while didn't know if he would be back with the nationals in spring training. >> how is this different for you this year? >> for one it's nice to be back. there was a time period there in november/december where i wasn't real sure if this was going to happen. but the -- you know, there's a
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list of reasons why i wanted to come back. you know, the main one being just this group of guys, and i played on a lot of teams, and it's rare that you have guys not only talented that can go out and win a lot of games but that get along and just mesh the way this team does. it's a special thing. it starts with davey. >> reporter: across the diamond from laroche you have ryan zimmerman who is recovering from off-season shoulder surgery. zim says he's about 85%. we're going to visit with him coming up tonight on "sports final." >> thank you, dan. we're looking forward to it. maryland has its suggest win of the season and now the terps are back in the postseason conversation. terps take down the top ranked team in the country. it was one of the upsets that everyone is talking about today. like the real coach, the tur i don't thinkite turgeonites, they were pulling out all the moves.
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he clinks what could have been the game winner and maryland hands duke its third loss of the season. you see turgeon and his reaction. for a team looking to build its resume to get into the ncaa tournament, this was a much-needed victory. >> it's a big event for us, for our team, for our program, and i know our fans waited for this win like already four years. so it was big for us. >> yeah, we felt like we needed a big win, you know, and this is it. going in the locker room after the win, everybody was just relieved because this whole week our theme was be committed to the team, just commitment. as you can tell, everybody played their role and everybody was committed and we did the best we could. now we're going to fire up the bagpipes. american hosting holy cross today. that's going to get you going. pick it up in the second half. eagles down one. pass inside to steven lumpkins.
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17 points for lumpkins. this one heads to overtime. 5.4 seconds left in o.t., tied at 61. collin hamilton at the line. misses, eagles get the rebound. here we go. daniel munoz up the floor, the buzzer beater and it's good! american wins in overtime just like that. 64-61, the final score. the daytona 500 is known as the great american race. today it became the great american story. danica patrick, the most successful woman driver in motor sports makes history today on the way to one of the sports biggest races. danica is the first woman to win the poll in the daytona 500. first female to win a poll position for any sprint cup race. patrick knew her car was fast when she had the quickest times in qualifying practice. today her pace beats out the entire field.
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196.434 miles per hour. that's the fastest daytona 500 qualifying speed since 1990. danica will be out front to start the race next week. three-time daytona champ jeff gordon will start in the second position and gordon had the best funny line of the day when he said afterwards, did you see this? he said, his quoted funny line, i'm the fastest guy out here today. >> almost 197 miles an hour? >> isn't that amazing? i want to talk about the caps. they're playing right now at madison square garden. they're up 1-0 against the rangers. >> our news director is there. we saw him tweeting. >> is that right? >> apparently. >> that's the news. "nightly news" coming up next. we'll be back at 11:00. have a great one. my bad.
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